Within the Cardano community, we have some very active members. These are people who are recognized as going above and beyond what a normal community member might do, by offering regular, consistent, and positive contributions to the project.

We call these special people the Cardano Ambassadors.

Contributions are recognized by the community in several ways, which are detailed below.

It’s important to note that Ambassador status is something that must be earned. We believe in decentralization, and that a strong community led by those who contribute the most is extremely important.

Ambassador Roles

Meetup Organizers

This is someone who is interested in (or already is) hosting and running regular Cardano meetups. Meetups can be for a technical or non-technical audience, and there are several formats for hosting a Cardano event.

So what do you need to do to become a Meetup Organizer?

Current Meetup Organizers

Toshiaki Miyatake

Barry Rahme

Joshua Pius Akpan

Wang Jae Lee (이왕재)

Cliff Choi

Javier Trujillo

Marin Kramaric

Vasil Dabov

Jan Miranda

Hideki Takeshi


Our moderators are people who love the online world and help maintain an active and safe community. We have several official channels, each delivers information in a different way and some channels are geography-specific.

So, how do you become a moderator?

  • You must have a deep understanding of how a particular social media platform works and must be visibly active daily.
  • The current moderators for a particular channel must agree that you are a suitable candidate.
  • The Cardano community team will review platform metrics, such as your Reddit karma score or Cardano Forum trust level, to ensure you are suitable to take on the responsibility.
  • A Little More About the Cardano Ambassador Moderator Role
Current Moderators

Tim Wulteputte

Vincent Brugge

Josh Daviau

Michael Antwi

고영수 (Paul Ko)

Sean Alimov

Priyank Desai

Josh Munday

Kyle O. 

Greg Saumer

Shaun Byres

Luke Godfrey

Content Creators

This is someone who creates engaging, informative, and insightful content that educates the Cardano community and the wider world about the project. Content can be in a variety of formats, such as videos, forum posts, or podcasts.

So what do you need to do to become a Content Creator?

  • Three pieces of content must be produced and published.
  • Positive feedback from the community must be achieved. Submit evidence that your content is useful to the community and adds value, such as page views, likes and shares. Trading related content is considered low value.
  • At least one piece of content must be shared each month.
  • A Little More About the Cardano Ambassador Content Creator Role
Current Content Creators

Markus Gufmar

Robert Kornacki

Lark Davis (CryptoLark) 

Philippe Pierre-Antoine

Rick McCracken

Tyrone Berry

Masao Ichikawa

Antonio Sánchez Cabrera

Quentin Kayila

Denicio Bernier

Vincent Almeida (Path2Plutus)

Marcus Vinicius 

Tommy Kammerer (Adatainment)

Kenny Klein (The Cryptoviser)

Forrest (Hashoshi)

Maxime Desalle

Carlos Lopez de Lara


This is someone who translates content consistently and helps the Cardano project to grow in non-English speaking countries or communities. Translator Ambassadors could, for example, translate blog posts, video transcripts on YouTube, or forum posts.

So, how do you become a Translator?

Current Translators

Christian Meng

Malick Mbengue

Carlos Gomes

Tim Sahabutdinov

Jun-Sik Choi

Sebastián Videmato

Ruslan Soluyanov

Alex Ludden

Rodrigo Gonzalez Lascano

Nominating an Ambassador

Nominating a potential Ambassador is easy – just click on the button below and fill out the form. You can nominate yourself or other community members that you believe deserve the recognition. The Cardano community team will review potential and current Ambassadors each month. Remember, the Ambassador status is something that has to be earned.

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